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Once a droving stopover on the east-west stock route, Eulo is still a popular stopping spot for visitors. Some people call it ‘the Montville of the West’, There are more than 20 businesses ranging from stock-work contractors to arts and crafts at this little town … that’s pretty good for a population of just 40 people!

One of the town’s most popular businesses has always been the Eulo General Store, which since the 1880s has had the reputation of being able to supply nearly anything. The old store - a town icon - was lost to fire a couple of years ago, but Rodney and Some things you expect from a country general store, and some you don’t. Unleaded and diesel are available, along with groceries including fresh fruit and vegetables, refrigerated goods and frozen food. Then there are saddles, other leathergoods (and sometimes swags), gardening supplies, a bit of camping and fishing gear, car batteries, bait, local honey and hand cream made from bee products, stockfeed and ice. Some things might surprise you. An old Cushman motorcycle stands on the floor, a reminder that this was one of the first bikes brought to Australia for mustering. There’s even a diprotodon bone found by locals and now in a display cabinet. (The fossil isn’t for sale.)

Just a couple of doors up is the Eulo Telegraph House Gallery, which is open seven days in the busy season and is home to the Eulo Queen Opal Centre and Bilby Art Gallery. The gallery features a collection of local art including traditional Aboriginal paintings and the amazing art of Melanie Hava, whose Aboriginal-Austrian background and originality makes her art stand out from more traditional styles.

Back in the days when hotel owner Isobel Robinson was known as the Eulo Queen, opals were the lifeblood of the town. More than a century later, they are again an integral industry in the town. The Eulo Queen Opal Centre has finished stones, jewellery and uncut opals. In the yard, rough opals, nuts and boulder opal specimens are displayed. Opal is sourced from Yowah, Koroit and Quilpie. Also browse among the gift lines, Himalayan salt lamps, Paroo honey, crafts and the exceptional locally made Paroo Products including revitalising cream, lip balm, ointment and furniture polish.

Probably the quirkiest offering in Eulo is the mudbathing experience. The Eulo Artesian Mud Baths offer authentic mineral-rich mudpacks at a day spa with a difference. The great Australian sense of humour is certainly in evidence here!

While in town, stroll along the heritage walking trail which takes in the cemetery, the old horse race track, old buildings, native trees and the Chinaman’s Garden.

A great photo opportunity is the megafauna statue of a diprotodon which is now part of the street landscape … a reminder of a giant wombat-like creature that once walked the Earth! Nearby is the old jailhouse, moved from the police station to a new home near the Lizard Lounge and old lizard track. The cells were donated by the police to the Eulo Development Association. After much huffing and puffing, they were moved - the steel inserts made them a lot heavier than they looked! A modern touch has been added so that solar lighting activates when you enter.

And what’s the story with the old lizard on the windmill tower? Well, he’s pretty old and doddery these days but he harks back to the time when Eulo used to host lizard races!

Birdwatchers love the Eulo district and come looking for Bourke’s parrot and the rare Hall’s babbler among the abundant birdlife. The Six-Mile Bore is world renowned for birdwatching. A nature drive known as the Billabong Nature Drive features an abundant bird habitat too.

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