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Morven, situated on the Warrego Highway, is a prime example of a little town that has more to it than meets the eye, so don’t just drive straight through. This little town of 250 people is home to a collection of miniature marvels and is also close to an unusual nature walk.

The town forms a point in a triangle linking it to Augathella and Charleville and is about an hour’s drive from each of these towns and from Mitchell. It also services a large rural area.

See the numerous treasures at the Morven Historical Museum. Among the memorabilia is a unique collection of miniature buildings created by local resident Bobby Johnson. Together, the replicas form a town, with a settlers homestead, bush tent camp and bough shed, cattle yards and stables, bush shanty, mail changing station, slaughter pens, sheep dip and trough and even a ‘depression’ hut replicating kerosene tins. An old building was restored to house the collection and while the miniatures are the star of the show, the museum complex has many other pieces of interest. Also on display are Morven’s original soft drink bottling machine, railway lamps from steam engine days, a ladies saddle with a story to tell and even a Blitz army truck. Museum enthusiasts are hoping to have their baby Packman stationary steam engine home this year. (It is currently in Toowoomba being restored to working order.) The museum is open from 10.00am to midday Monday to Friday. While you’re there, see the mural on the public toilet next door.

Visit an area of native ooline country on the Nebine Road about 10km south of town. The Tregole National Park has picnic tables and toilets and is worth a visit for its unusual flora. Many different species of trees can be seen on the attractive walking track, but predominant among them are the eyecatching and stately ooline trees. They are even more magnificent when the native orchids which inhabit them are in flower.
Morven was originally known as Saddlers Waterhole after an early settler in the district called Captain T. J. Sadleir, who camped with his wife at this waterhole on Hamburg Creek.

See the Rabbit Board Gate replica, a reminder of when the rabbit-proof fence was standing and you had to go through the gate on the Roma to Charleville road. The replica is situated near the railway crossing east of town.
Morven is serviced by a school and commercial businesses including a newsagency, post office, gift and clothes shop, grocery store and information centre, roadhouse and a motel which has a gourmet goodies and gift shop as part of the complex. The main street park has picnic tables and a large fenced playground. The town has a pool, golf course, race club, fishing club, tennis facilities and a hospital serviced by nursing staff and visited once a week by a doctor - much more than you might expect in a small town!


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